Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sumaiyah Version English - TBR 03

Sumaiyyah (English Version)

In your personality, you have the courage to believe.
Even when you were being forced,
You still hold on to your faith.
With all your kindness and true love,
You enlighten the light of Islam.
Bringing a justice to your kind,
You were a woman and the only one.

You were an example and nobody can do it like you do.
Leaving all your world behind in order to hold your belief.
You have the option to be weak,
But it was never come to your mind.
Standing with your principles of Islam,
Allah is number one.

Be patient Yasser family,
You know you doing the best you can.
You choosing the true light of Islam,
Even you know you have to sacrifice.
With all the torture that came to you.
You still believe in God and it’s Allah.
And it’s the prove on how determine you,
To hold your belief in Islam.

Sumaiyyah, you have been through the hardship of the world.
There is no one, in this world can get through of it all.
Sumaiyyah, you were example of an example,
You were all we need in the heart of our girl.